HireStorm's Talent Pool Service ensures you get the most out of the technology by completing and maintaining your candidate profiles.



Our Talent Pool Service ensures that your candidate profiles are up to date and fully completed so you get the most out of the technology

Our Talent Pool Service team ensure that every candidate application you receive is added accurately into your Talent Pool. It doesn’t matter whether a candidate has applied via your website, Linkedin, or a job board, our team are on hand to ensure that each detail is added correctly.

We will also take care of maintaining your data once uploaded. We regularly check, verify and manually amend candidate profiles so that your data remains current and correct, so that you can always communicate with your Talent Pool candidates.

Our Talent Pool Service is so important to us, and underpins our whole vision of making hiring awesome for everyone. With strong, accurate candidate data you will be able to reduce your time to hire, reduce the cost of hiring and improve the quality of your hiring!


  • Your team don’t have to waste time on administration

  • Up to date candidate profiles ensure you can always communicate with your talent pool

  • Your business will operate with better data integrity

  • Data integrity ensures that every search that you run returns valuable results

  • Your reports will populate

  • You will have a greater understanding of your market

Call us and email us to find out more at products@hirestorm.comJust 6% of candidates do not use social networking sites to find new job opportunities
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Talent Pool Manager

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HireStorm's Talent Pool Service ensures you get the most out of the technology by completing and maintaining your candidate profiles.

Talent Pool Service

Our team add, update and maintain all of your applications to create amazing talent pools

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