Capture tomorrow's talent today with HireStorm's Talent Pool Manager!



Effortlessly build highly searchable Talent Pools, so that when you need to fill a new vacancy, you have tons of talent at your fingertips!

Talent Pool Manager is a really easy to use online database that automatically adds and stores every new candidate profile, as well as your current employee profiles, in one place. Everyone in your recruiting team can view and share profiles, and with our market leading search functionality you can instantly identify great talent based on required and desired skills, location, experience and salary requirements.

But Talent Pool Manager is more than just a database. We’ve designed our technology to make interacting with your talent pool simple and effective. We thank every candidate for applying, and every time you release a new vacancy, the details are automatically sent to all suitable candidates. In addition, at the click of a few buttons you can send targeted e-mail and text message campaigns to both internal and external talent pool members.


  • Our team adds, updates and maintains every candidate profile
  • We search for missing information so every profile is complete
  • Send matching candidates your new vacancies to increase direct applications


  • Powerful “Autonomy” search technology
  • Rank, sort and filter your talent pool
  • Track and monitor hot talent until you have the right role for them


  • Capture internal and external talent in structured pools
  • Easily identify internal candidates for progression
  • Rank employees and future candidates suitability for your business


  • Send e-mail and marketing campaigns direct to talent pool
  • Increase the number of referrals through targeted campaigns
  • Keep in touch with a huge talent network
  • Tag candidates of interest to quickly locate and contact them
  • Easily communicate with your talent pool to keep more candidates engaged with your company brand
  • Integrate with social media to ensure your talent pool remains dynamic and relevant
  • In depth reporting enables you to analyse your talent pool at the click of a button
  • Automatically send vacancy alerts to suitable candidates to reduce your time to hire
Call us and email us to find out more at products@hirestorm.comJust 6% of candidates do not use social networking sites to find new job opportunities
Capture tomorrow's talent today with HireStorm Talent Pool Manager

Talent Pool Manager

Every application is automatically created to build highly searchable & accurate Talent Pools
HireStorm's Advert Manager enables you to tell the world about your hot vacancies instantly!

Advert Manager

Post jobs to your website, job boards, social media & your talent pool at the click of a button.
Bridging the gap between your talent pools and social media with HireStorm's MiniStorm


Seamlessly identify and add candidates from social media sites directly into your Talent Pool
HireStorm's Agency Manager, an intelligent supplier management tool, which enables you to find, track and manage all of your recruitment agencies

Agency Manager

Centrally co-ordinate agency relationships, terms and conditions, interviews, feedback and hires
HireStorm's Activity Manager makes applicant tracking awesome from candidate application to hire

Activity Manager

Centrally manage all of your hiring activities in a super simple dashboard with one click workflows
HireStorm's Talent Pool Service ensures you get the most out of the technology by completing and maintaining your candidate profiles.

Talent Pool Service

Our team add, update and maintain all of your applications to create amazing talent pools

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