Bridging the gap between your talent pools and social media with HireStorm's MiniStorm



Ministorm enables you to connect your talent pool to social media to make finding top talent from anywhere in the world, easy!

  • MiniStorm is an innovative tool which enables you to search and instantly add candidates from social media networks directly into your talent pool
  • When you find a great candidate on a social media network you can immediately see if they are already registered to your talent pool and view their history and profile.
  • If they are not already known to you, you can add them there and then or send an e-mail alert to your HR team or our Talent Pool Service┬áto contact them on your behalf. You can even update existing candidate profiles within your talent pool through social media integration to keep your data clean and relevant.



  • Add candidate profiles from social media directly into your talent pool
  • A profile will be automatically created in HireStorm


  • See search results from your talent pool whilst on a social media site to check whether that candidate is already connected to your business


  • If a candidate is already connected to your business, view past applications, interviews, and comments whilst on a social media site
  • If they are not connected to your business, you can add them at the click of a button


  • Click a button to share candidates of interest with either an HR colleague or one of your agencies
  • Offshore team who will parse any new records on behalf of your business


  • Click a button to update existing candidate profiles with new information to keep your talent pool completely up to date


  • Save time and eliminate duplication by searching your talent pool and social media at the same time
  • Reduce administration by adding candidate profiles directly from social media into your talent pool
  • Encourage collaboration between HR teams by directly sharing profiles of interest through MiniStorm
  • Improve data integrity by automatically updating existing talent pool profiles through social media integration
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Bridging the gap between your talent pools and social media with HireStorm's MiniStorm


Seamlessly identify and add candidates from social media sites directly into your Talent Pool
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Social Recruiting? Yes Please!

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