HireStorm's Advert Manager enables you to tell the world about your hot vacancies instantly!



Advert Manager enables you to publish your adverts to your chosen job boards, social media networks, your intranet and your website at the same time!

Advert Manager is a simple and effective built in tool which enables you to post your jobs to multiple places at the click of a button. Once a new vacancy has been created, you can instantly publish the details to your website, your intranet, and job boards and social media networks of your choice. No more logging in to lots of different job boards and re-writing adverts again and again!

You can also choose to automate the initial candidate screening process by using one of our competency based questionnaires. Choose from a library of pre-populated templates or create your own bespoke questionnaire to save you time and streamline your review processes.

Advert Manager even automatically reports on which advertising sources are performing so that you can maximise your “bang for advertising buck!”


  • Advertise on Linkedin, Xing, Twitter and other social networks at the click of a button
  • Ability to post centrally to your chosen job boards
  • Integrate your website with Advert Manager


  • Seamlessly integrate all your web and social network applications into your talent pools


  • All vacancy details are auto-populated within your advertising template


  • Create customised pre-screening questionnaires per vacancy
  • Only receive the most relevant candidate applications


  • Automated responses to candidate applications improves the candidate experience
  • Automatically reject unsuitable candidates


  • Dynamic reports enable you to monitor and continuously improve your sourcing efforts
  • Uncover ‘best source’ for specific skill sets and job functions
  • Export your reports in any format required


  • Track and report on your advertising spend to ensure you get the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Save money by only using the most suitable and successful job boards for your business


  • Ability to set restrictions to control your advertising spend
  • Spend less time writing and administering adverts, and more time speaking to great candidates
  • Identify and eliminate irrelevant candidates fast, and dedicate your time to speaking to great ones
  • Broaden your candidate reach through the power of social media, without being a social media expert
  • Save money by keeping a close eye on your advertising spend and ROI
  • Improve the candidate recruiting experience using auto responses
Call us and email us to find out more at products@hirestorm.comJust 6% of candidates do not use social networking sites to find new job opportunities
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HireStorm's Advert Manager enables you to tell the world about your hot vacancies instantly!

Advert Manager

Post jobs to your website, job boards, social media & your talent pool at the click of a button
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